by Peter Baak

Born in 1946 in Dongen.

After his education at the art academy  in Tilburg during the 60s, his work has evolved from non-figurative to more recognizable subjects, often derived from sports and music.

A return to more abstraction has been noticeable in recent years, but a recognizable part always remains. Expression is always the core, but art cannot do without a certain technical baggage.In the work you can see a skilled painter who knows his material and never makes himself comfortable with it.The canvases are abstract expressionist, where atmosphere is essential. No "vague messages", but painting is the main theme, a moment of energetic movement that is captured. 

The way of working is sometimes fierce and aggressive, but sometimes very contemplative and reflective. The canvas is an explosion of color and movement but with a touch that betrays feeling. Wouter himself says: "painting is setting up for me, removing it, setting it up again; a chaos that I approach positively and in which I try to retain the liveliness and dynamics.

" The human figure”  is usually the starting point for a painting, which is why nude studies often precede it. Drawing based on the model remains an essential part.The movement in the broadest sense is important, which is why many topics are dealt with that are related to dance, sports or gestures. Movement from a more abstract point of view goes back to more symbolic movements such as Christoffel, the transience, the transient nature of things, etc. This is often based on studies by others such as painters and especially artists from the Renaissance and Baroque.Over the years, the lyrics of French singer Francis Cabrel have often inspired his work. His exhibition in France in 2003 was therefore dominated by the singer with paintings such as: La Dame du Haute Savoir, Petite Sirene, Cabane du Pecheur and Animal. For many years Wouter has combined painting with teaching, both at high school and  art academy, displaying the same intensity and passion as in his painting work. He has also worked for 10 years in the advertising world, but his great passion, painting,  has never let him go. 

From 2008 he lives and works in France.